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Cybersites India's email packages offer individuals and business feature packed email solutions at a great price. The solutions are not only robust and scalable but are also designed to improve usability and productivity and can meet the demands of modern users.
1. What is a POP or POP3 account?
POP or POP3 is the abbreviation for Post Office Protocol (3 being the version). It is a commonly used method of retrieving email from a server to a client. And "POP account" is actually an email account supporting the retrieval of email using the post office protocol.
2. Can I create email accounts myself?
We normally create the email accounts for you, however for larger web sites, or customised email solutions we provide an interface for creation of email accounts.
3. My emails contain confidential information, are they     safe?
Our Servers are well protected and are regularly backed up too. What's more even the administrator(s) to the server have no way of knowing your password and checking the contents of your email, we ensure your security and privacy.
4. What is IMAP4?
IMAP4 is the abbreviation for the Internet Message Access Protocol. Using this method to access your email enables you to download the headers of the email first in your email client and then if required download your complete email content.
5. What are email aliases?
Email aliases are forward only accounts, for example when you set an alias like salesinfo@yourdomain.com pointing to sales@yourdomain.com all email sent to the salesinfo account gets automatically forwarded to the underlying email address that is sales@ yourdomain.com.
6. What is email forwarding?
When you set the forwarding for an account, all email sent to that account is automatically forwarded to an account of your choice, you can also opt to keep a copy of the email and then forward the email
7. Can I access my email from a web browser?

Full featured web mail access is provided for all email accounts. You can check your email from anywhere in the world using a web browser, more of the functions like, replying to email, forwarding, searching for messages, filters etc. are supported on the web access.

8. What kind of spam protection is supported?

Advanced spam Protection using an email weighting system is implemented, advanced features like content filtering and blacklist / white lists are implemented to ensure spam free email, with minimal false positives.

9. Do you support anti-virus protection?
We have multiple email scanners scanning your email to ensure complete protection from viruses and malicious code, attachment scanning in compressed files is also supported for enhanced protection.
10. Do you provide SMTP Services?
Yes we do, however you would need to use your email account credentials to authenticate.
11. What are the SMTP servers for my web site?
If you are hosted with us you can use your domain name for e.g. "cybersitesindia.com" or "yourcompany.com" as your SMTP server however if this does not work you may please refer to the initial email containing your order processing details or contact our technical support team.
12. Can I get a customised email solution?
Sure you can, we provide customised solutions for a variety or audience from very small companies to very large enterprises requiring hundreds of thousands of email accounts.
13. Can I do Bulk Mailing from the server?
Sorry, we do not support any type of bulk or unsolicited mailing from our servers. We believe in high standards and ethics and these restrictions are imposed in the larger interest of all our customers since these types of activities may result in blocking of web sites / IP address.
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