answers to the most common queries
Domain name registration 
1.What is a domain name?
2.Do you handle the domain registration process?
3.Can I transfer an existing domain name to you?
4.Can you host international domain names?
5.How will I be able to check the availability of my desired Domain Name?
6.How much does it cost to register a domain name?
7.How do I choose a good domain name?
8.What are the valid characters for a domain name and how long can it be?
9.What are Name Servers and why do I need them?
10.What is an Administrative Contact?
11.What is a Technical Contact?
12.What is a Billing Contact?
Web Hosting 
1.What is Hosting?
2.Why do I need it?
3.How can I transfer my domain or web site to your servers?
4.How do I calculate my web space requirement?
5.Can I increase my web space at anytime?
6.What is the guaranteed uptime of your servers?
7.What should be my default page / home page name?
8.Where are your servers located?
9.What is your bandwidth limit?
10.How can I measure or study about my visitors?
11.What is the difference between virtual and dedicated hosting?
12.How do I upload / transfer files to the web server?
13.What Is FTP?
14.What is an IP address?
15.Do you support Perl / PHP/ CGI scripting?
16.Do you support payment gateways and SSL?
17.What kind of database support is available?
18.Can I get my Dll's / Components installed on the server?
19.What is the type of technical support provided?
Email Service 
1.What is a POP or POP3 account?
2.Can I create email accounts myself?
3.My emails contain confidential information, are they safe?
4.What is IMAP4?
5.What are email aliases?
6.What is email forwarding?
7.Can I access my emails from a web browser?
8.What kind of spam protection is supported?
9.Do you support anti-virus protection?
10.Do you provide SMTP Services?
11.What are the SMTP servers for my web site?
12.Can I get a customised email solution?
13.Can I do Bulk Mailing from the server?
Catch-All Email Facility 
1.What is a catchall account?
2.Do I really need a catchall account?
3.What happens if the catchall account is deleted?
4.What are the benifits of deleting the catchall account?
5.What are the dis-advantages of deleting the catchall account?
6.Why deleting the catchall account is necessary?
7.What do I need to do Incase I still require the account?
8.I cannot understand all this, please help me?
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