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1. What is a domain name?
A domain name is the address or URL of a web site; it is the text name that corresponds to the IP address of the web site. Domain names are designed for people while IP addresses are designed for computers. Registering your domain name is the first step towards protecting your identity on the web. You can choose from a variety of general extensions like .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz or country specific extensions like .co.uk, .co.in etc. To know about the charges please visit our domain registration services page.
2. Do you handle the domain registration process?
Yes, we handle domain registrations, renewals as well as transfers of existing domains. When you place an order, please specify if it is a new domain registration or a transfer of an existing domain.
3. Can I transfer an existing domain name to you?
Yes sure you can, we initiate the transfer request on your behalf which the administrative contact shall have to confirm. Once this is done the domain can be transferred to us. Please contact us if you have questions involving transfers. The charges for the same vary according to the TLD.
4. Can you host international domain names?
Yes we can; you may procure our services online or contact our sales and support team for any information / assistance that you may require, however the language of communication would need to be English only.
5. How will I be able to check the availability of my desired     Domain Name?
You may check the availability of domain names using the domain name search web page here. You can also check the complete whois information (registrants or domain owner information) by visiting Internic and then subsequently visiting website of the registrar as shown by Internic whois.
6. How much does it cost to register a domain name?
Domain Name registration charges vary according to the TLD or extension being registered, you may please visit our domain name registration page here to know about the same.
7. How do I choose a good domain name?

Guideline for choosing a correct name include the following: the name should correctly reflect the company brand, intent or purpose of the website, should be short, simple and easy to remember. Avoid using spelling variants, hyphens, and obscure type of words.

People searching on the Internet, are influenced by the domain name when deciding to visit a website hence carefully thought Domain Names are a must.

8. What are the valid characters for a domain name and     how long can it be?

Valid characters for a domain name include a combination of letters, numbers and hyphens. Special characters like, " !@#$%^&_()" are not allowed; maximum length allowed is 64 characters, However it is not recommended to register names that long, as visitors to your web site may find it difficult to type and these could be prone to spelling mistakes.

9. What are Name Servers and why do I need them?
Name Servers (Primary and secondary name servers) are computers or servers connected to the Internet and are designed to resolve or map domain names to IP address and vice-versa.
10. What is an Administrative Contact?
The Administrative Contact is the person or organisation authorised by the domain name Registrant to act on behalf of the legal entity listed as the owner of the domain name. The Administrative Contact should be able to answer non-technical questions about the legal entity's plans for using the domain name and the procedures for establishing sub-domains.
11. What is a Technical Contact?
The Technical Contact is the person or organisation that maintains the domain name Registrant's primary name server and resolves software, and database files. The Technical Contact keeps the name server running and interacts with technical people in other domains to solve problems that affect the domain name. A web hosting provider usually performs this role.
12. What is a Billing Contact?
The Billing Contact is the person or organisation that will be invoiced for registrations and renewals of the domain name.
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